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NM-Bio speed - Fast biological water purification for garden, swimming and fish ponds

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Product description:

  • NM Bio Speed - Highly efficient micro-bacteria for the activation of the natural micro biologic system of the water
  • Reduces and prevents pollutants formation (such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, etc.)
  • Effective control of organic sludge, green water, plants residues
  • Increase of the biological filtering performance
  • Creates a stable eco-balance in water

Ponds and lakes often face the major problem of the so-called sedimentation, i.e. precipitation of organic materials on pond ground (e.g. leaves, plant wastes, dead algae, fish food, fish and birds’ excretions, etc.). These pollutants enormously strain the water quality due to rotting procedure. NM Bio Speed activates the natural microbiological self-purification and increases the performance of filter systems. By backing up positive bacteria in water while simultaneously protecting against disease-causing microbes; water quality is decisively improved creating thus a healthier pond.


NM Bio Speed should be applied throughout the year by a water temperature above 5°C and reused when needed each 2 - 3 months. Mix the granules in a container (e.g. watering can), leave for 1 - 2 hours, mix again from time to time, than evenly pour over the whole water surface and in the filter
or along the creek. Best application time is early in the morning or evenings. Milky turbidity is a normal appearance and will disappear within a couple of hours.


  • 250 g for 10 000 liters 
  • 2.5 kg for 100 000 liters
  • 5 kg for 200 000 liters 
  • 10 kg for 400 000 liters

Other sizes are available upon request!

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