Kombi Schlammkiller

Kombi Schlammkiller

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Kombi easy way for a clean garden-, swimming- and Koi ponds

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Product Description:

Active high-performance bacteria and oxygen-enriching substances reduce sludge deposits (e.g. rotted plant parts and leaves, fish wastes, food remains deposed on pond ground). Through its application, no toxic gazes can be form endangering the life of pond inhabitants. At the same time, oxygen level is also stabilized leading to clear water conditions. Using Kombi by new installation, by water replacement or by fish medication will enhance and stabilize the ecological balance. Thanks to its unique active formula; Kombi replaces a whole range of unnecessary products.


Every 2-3 weeks 1 capful for 1,000 liters. Spread evenly over the pond surface. The granulate sinks down starting its action up from the pond ground.

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