Garden- & Swimming Pond

"Papa our pond is so green; would you drive us to the swimming pool please?" So! And how should daddy arrange a minibus to drive his child and her five other friends to the pool? Don’t worry, we'll bring your pond back in order again -

Weitz Water World is for pond owners the equivalent of brand quality products for water treatment. With the products: ALGENKILLER Protect® for sustainable biological algae control or biobird® KOMBI, the sludge eliminator for sludge reduction and NM-Bio speed for natural water purification. As one of the leaders in this sector, the experts of Weitz Water World were from the beginning pioneers to handle themes like water quality and water care in swimming ponds and bathing facilities, and together with swimming pond technicians and biologists we developed the top All-In-One water optimizer - UNIPOND® BRILLIANT.