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  • Protection against thread and slime algae proliferation

  • Highly efficient against thread and slime algae 

  • Optimal surface protection in ponds 

  • Synergy effect improving pump and filter efficiency 

  • Proven thousands of times

  • Not foaming constitution

Containing living, NGM microorganisms.

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Instructions, Algaekiller-Protect:

150g of the granules are sufficient for max. 10,000 liter pond water. Apply proportionally for other pond volumes, and depending on the intensity of algal proliferation. Spread the Algaekiller according to dosage instructions or place in the special fabric bag. Algaekiller is a new combination product for the effective and sustainable protection of surface i.e. pond liners, pumps, hoses, etc. from thread and slime algae. The algae die and are eliminated by high-quality, non-GM microorganisms. The algae elimination requires oxygen, so by stocking fish please make sure for sufficient oxygen supply. Turn off UV lights in first stage of use.

Ingredients and active agent, Algaekiller-Protect:

Living, non GM microorganisms (6x109; Risikogr. 1; UBA 24820003), Silizium, Zeolith, Calcium, Magnesium, etc. Terbutryn (2 mg/g), Monolinuron (3 mg/g)

BAuA-Reg-Nr.: N-69763 

Labelling according to EU Directive 98 / 8 EC: Safe use of algeacides! Before use always read the label and product information!

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