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Whether swimming pool or pond, artificial or natural lake, at home and elsewhere do your natural pool a favour and give it the finest water quality it's always deserved! Our diverse product range includes the highly efficient Algenkiller-Protect, as well as a full spectrum of bio-technical and natural based water care products, allowing for the effective and swift resolution of algae problems in golf courses and lakes, aquariums and much more…
The unique composition of our high quality products biobird® and UNIPOND® has them known as "wonder products" amongst our countless satisfied customes. Our top-sellers are exclusive water care products, which are mainly based on high performance not genetically modified microorganisms and vital minerals. Achieving only the finest conditions in bio systems is our only mission.


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Our products are widely applicable in various locations, ranging from your very own garden to the professional golf course. Our devotees are global leaders in their communities, in areas such as leisure parks, department stores, as well as official community designated areas. Our followers keep on comming back, because we waved algae goodbye for good!